The responsibility distribution table shows which parts of the apartment and which maintenance and repair duties belong to Heka which to and the resident. The table also shows how the responsibility for the costs of maintenance and repairing is distributed. The damage price list has also been updated. 

The new responsibility distribution table and the damage price list shall enter into force on 1 May 2022 and remain in force indefinitely. 

Heka will now have more responsibility over maintenance and repairs than before 

Completely new sections were added to the responsibility distribution table and the previously determined responsibility distributions were specified. In many situations, the responsibility over the apartment’s maintenance and repairs was transferred from the resident to Heka. For example, the responsibility over the maintenance and repairs of the shower parts, bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets and weatherproofing the entrance door, windows and balcony glazing were transferred from the resident to Heka.  
The completely new things determined include the responsibility over the maintenance and repairs of the apartment sauna’s structures and equipment, the apartment’s blinds and light connection points.  

Review the responsibility distribution table (PDF) 

The responsibility distribution table was updated in cooperation with Heka and representatives of the residents.  

The tenant is responsible for taking care of the apartment and reporting any and all faults 

The tenant has the obligation to take good care of their apartment and the related facilities. The tenant is also obligated to report, without delay, toHeka all such faults of and damage to the apartment, the repair of which is the responsibility of Heka. 

The tenant is liable for all damage and other injuries they have caused for the apartment, either intentionally or from carelessness. The liability obligation applies even if the damaged part of the apartment falls under Heka’s maintenance and repairing responsibility. 

Review the damage price list (PDF)

However, the tenant is not liable for the usual wear and tear of the apartment. 

Primarily, the tenant is not entitled to make any repair or alteration work (so-called DIY renovations) in the apartment without Heka’s permission.