Read more about our safety and recycling tips and find out the opening hours of our customer service department during the holiday season.

Christmas season and New Year’s celebrations are a special time at home. For many, candles and decorative lights are a central part of the season, and people also tend to cook more than in their everyday lives. The holiday season also generates more waste than usual.

Step safely into holiday spirit

To maintain high spirits throughout the holiday season, remember to pay special attention to safety:

  • Burn candles on non-flammable bases and never leave them unattended. Blow the candles out when you leave the room.
  • Do not burn outdoor candles on your balcony.
  • Do not dry your clothes in the sauna. Remember to also take your bench cover out of the sauna after bathing.
  • Make sure that your decorative lights are not broken. Broken lights can pose a risk of electrocution or a fire hazard. In outdoor spaces/on your balcony, only use decorative lights intended for outdoor use.
  • Do not set up Christmas trees or decorative lights in the hallways.
  • Make sure you have a fire blanket or a foam extinguisher easily available at home.
  • Check that you have a smoke detector at home and that its battery works. If you do not have a smoke detector or it does not work, please submit a defect notification.

Holiday treats and festive foods put a lot of stress on your refrigerator and oven. This is an excellent time to check the condition and tidiness of your refrigerator, freezer and oven:

  • If your refrigerator and freezer do not have an automatic thawing function, we recommend thawing and cleaning them before packing them full of holiday foods. 
  • Clean your oven before you start baking your holiday dishes. If the oven has dirt and splatters inside, they will burn during baking and may even break your oven.
  • Remember to turn off your stove and oven after cooking. Stoves are the most common cause of fires.

An eco-smart tenant also sorts their waste during holidays

The holiday season can easily generate more waste than usual. Here are a few tips for sorting your rubbish the right way:

  • If you plan to cook a ham, do not pour the baking grease into the drains or the toilet, as it may block the pipes. Pour the grease into an empty milk carton, for example, wait for it to solidify and then dispose of the carton by sorting it into mixed waste or biowaste. 
  • Food waste should be sorted into a biowaste container, not poured into the toilet or the drain.
  • Gift wrapping paper and string belong in mixed waste. They cannot be sorted with paper or cardboard. 
  • Sort aluminium baking trays, foil and the metal casings of votive candles into scrap metal.
  • Take broken LED candles and decorative lights to electronic scrap collection points. Find out where your nearest collection point is. 
  • Broken decorations, such as Christmas baubles, tinsel and candleholders, should be sorted into mixed waste.
  • If you still melt older tin alloys on New Year’s Eve, please keep in mind that this counts as hazardous waste, due to the high lead content. You can take the metal pieces to Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority’s hazardous waste collection container or a Sortti station free of charge, or you can re-use them next year. If you have bought new, lead-free tin alloys, the pieces should be sorted into scrap metal.
  • Flatten all boxes before putting them into the container.
  • Waste containers will not be emptied on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. If the waste containers are full, please keep hold of your wrapping paper or packaging for a while.

HSY will collect and utilise Christmas trees free of charge after the holidays, by the end of February, when there is enough room for them in the biowaste and mixed waste trucks. Leave the tree near the waste sorting facility, in a visible place but not inside the facility. The rubbish truck driver cannot pick up trees that are frozen or under a pile of snow. Christmas trees should not be chopped up and placed into the waste container.

Our customer service department and defect notifications during the holiday season

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Christmas saunas will not be available in Heka buildings this year. 

For now, you can only visit your customer service points with an advance appointment, due to the coronavirus situation. Our telephone services have exceptional service hours during the holiday season:

  • On the day before Christmas Eve, 23 December, we will be open until 14:00.
  • On New Year’s Eve, 31 December, we will be open until 15:00. 
  • Our offices will be closed during the Christmas season’s national holidays. 

Please submit any urgent defect notifications to the on-call number of your area. A non-urgent notification can be easily submitted online.

We wish our tenants a very happy holiday season!