In the future, you will be able to take care of most housing-related matters on our Resident Portal. 

On 2 February, our Resident Portal will be deployed on our website and it will be accessible by all residents of legal age who are entered in the register of occupants. The service is available to you around the clock every day of the year. 

The Resident Portal will be partly available in Swedish and English. 

Contact us, view your information and take care of housing-related matters

The Resident Portal allows you to take care of most housing-related matters with Heka. The Resident Portal will replace most of the existing service forms on our website. You can, for example, view and update your information. As the main tenant, you can check the status of your rent and other payments, maintain the resident information of your apartment, submit a defect notification and monitor the progress of its processing and submit contact requests to Heka. 

Registration for the service requires strong authentication, either with online banking credentials, Mobile ID or by visiting a regional Heka office for identification. Once you have registered, you can log in to the service using your email address and password. We will provide instructions on our website for registration, logging in and using the service once the Resident Portal has been deployed. 

Familiar customer service channels will also be available in the future

In addition to the Resident Portal, we will continue to serve our residents by email and telephone, via the chat service on our website and at our customer service points. 

“You can continue to contact us through the traditional channels, but I encourage all our residents to register to the Resident Portal and give it a try. It is easy to check, for example, the rent payment status on the Resident Portal and, if necessary, send messages to our lease control unit,” says Riitta Pulkka, Director of Customer Relations.