Heka’s exercise and hobby facilities (for example gyms) are opening as of 1st of July 2021. Users of exercise and hobby facilities and other shared spaces are asked to follow recommendations of the officials.

Our decisions are based on the recommendations of the City of Helsinki.

Unchanged restrictions


Work bees

If work bees are held, the participants must adhere to the authorities’ instructions and take Heka’s coronavirus restrictions into consideration.

Customer service

Our customer service serve customers by appointment in situations in which visiting our office is necessary for taking care of matters.  Contact us by phone to reserve an appointment to our customer service.

Please be aware of these practices when using our services:

  • We recommend that all people over 15 years of age use a face mask at our customer service points.
  • Please take care of hand hygiene when visiting our office and customer service point. Our customer service facilities have hand sanitiser available for our customers.
  • For the time being, we are avoiding handshaking and other physical contact with our customers.
  • Our staff use disposable gloves when handling keys.

Our telephone service and chat service are open Monday–Friday at 9–15 and on the first and last weekday of every month until 16:00. We are also taking emergency calls regarding urgent matters in the evenings and at night time as usual.

Maintenance or repair work

For the time being, we are not carrying out nonurgent maintenance or repair works that take over one hour to complete in the apartment. Quick repairs that take less than one hour in the apartment and other visits, such as apartment inspections, are still being carried out.

If there is need to fix faults in your apartment, please let us know if someone in the apartment is currently either been infected of exposed with the virus or is under a quarantine.

Any repairs planned for the near future are likely to be postponed.