Unfortunately, we could not send the compiled invoices at the usual time. We apologise for the delay.

You will need the information provided on the compilation invoice, for example, to pay the rent monthly via an online bank yourself. The compilation invoice includes your monthly rent and any monthly recurring fees, and other information needed to pay the rent. Please note that the account or reference number for a parking space fee or the like may have changed. Always use the account and reference number provided on the compilation invoice to pay the rent and fees.

If you rent a parking space from Heka or have a sauna shift, please check that they are included on the compilation invoice. If your sauna shift or a parking space you rent in your building’s designated parking area is missing from the compilation invoice, please contact our customer service:

  • rent payment information: select 2
  • parking space or sauna payment information: wait for the call to be connected to the customer service.

If you rent a parking space from Heka outside your building’s designated parking area, the rent for the parking space is not necessarily included in the compilation invoice. In that case, you will receive a separate invoice to pay the rent for the parking space. 

Customers using direct payment or e-invoices – please update your payment agreement

If you pay your rent or other fees to Heka as a direct payment or e-invoice, please update your payment agreement. If the payment agreement is not updated, your e-invoice or direct payment agreement will end, and you will have to pay the rent and any other fees manually from January 2022 onwards.

Read more about updating payment agreement