The mover’s checklist includes notifications of moving, returning keys and cleaning the apartment, among other things. 

If you are moving out of a Heka apartment, be sure to take care of the notifications of moving and return your keys on time, among other things. 

  • Terminate your rental agreement in accordance with the notice period.
  • Notify Heka of your move by submitting a departure notice to the register of occupants.
  • If an occupant other than the party to the rental agreement (such as your family’s child who has become of age) moves out of the Heka apartment you are renting, report it to the register of occupants.
  • Submit a statutory notification of moving to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.
  • Return all apartment keys and other property keys in your possession (e.g. keys to shared facilities, garage keys, car electric outlet keys and laundry room keys) to your regional office. If you have installed a security lock on your door and will be leaving it there when you move out, also hand over its keys as well.
  • Terminate your electricity and gas contracts, if applicable, so that you do not have to pay for them unnecessarily after your move.

Moving cleaning

Carefully cleaning the apartment before moving is not only a helping hand for the next tenant, but also otherwise sensible and in accordance with good rental practice.
If a tenant leaves their property in the apartment, shared facilities or elsewhere on the property, Heka will empty the premises, and the cost of this will be charged to the tenants. We also charge the outgoing tenant for cleaning costs caused by failure to clean the apartment before moving.

Moving cleaning checklist

  • Empty and clean the apartment and its associated storage space and any other storage facilities. Also clean and empty all other facilities you had rented, such as the garage.
  • Wipe the cabinets, floors and surfaces of the apartment.
  • Empty all waste containers in your apartment.
  • Clean all appliances included in the apartment’s equipment, such as the cooker and refrigeration appliances. Also carefully clean the floor under the equipment and the surrounding walls.
  • Washing windows or ceilings is not automatically part of normal final cleaning.

Apartment inspection 

We will check the condition of the apartment at the end of the rental agreement. We will charge the tenant for any damage they have caused to the apartment through negligence or intentionally (e.g. damaged door, missing cabinet door). However, the tenant is not responsible for the normal wear of the apartment (e.g. wall mounting marks). By law, the tenant has an obligation to report any damage without delay during the tenancy. If the tenant fails to comply with this obligation, they may have to pay for the damage.

Read about normal wear

The tenant’s own installations

The apartment must be returned in all respects to the state in which it was before the tenant’s independent alterations, unless otherwise agreed upon with the regional office.

If you have installed a door chain, peephole or security lock on your door and do not want to leave them in place, you must install the appropriate cover pieces on the door and tidy the traces left by the door chain if necessary.

Leave the permitted own structures and plantings in the apartment yard in place as you move out, unless you have agreed otherwise with the regional office.