Active tenants organise a variety of activities for tenants in Heka’s buildings. An appropriation is allocated to finance the activities based on the number of apartments in the property.

The use of the funds is discussed at a tenant meeting: anyone living in the property can participate in the discussion, planning, implementation of ideas and decision-making.
You can check the appropriation for the property in the tables below. The appropriations in the table are sorted by region and rent determination unit.

The exact amounts to be used for a specific purpose do not need to be known at the tenant meeting. The most important thing is that the allocation of money for different purposes has been discussed together. The use of the appropriation is reported to Heka once a year and is also presented to the tenant meeting.

An example of a budget drawn up at the tenant meeting:

  • Winter celebration for children €100
  • Spring bee €150
  • May Day festival €100
  • Board games for the club room €80
  • Christmas party €150
  • TOTAL €XXXX (up to the amount of the property’s budget)

In addition to the basic appropriation, additional funding can be requested for the building’s milestone anniversary celebrations based on a separate activity plan. Should a milestone anniversary celebration be relevant, it is good to discuss it at the tenant meeting as well.