Building committees can organise yard work and cleaning bees for the building’s residents to clean up the yard areas and shared facilities.

Spring and autumn are great times for such events. The following points should be taken into account in the arrangements:

  • Agree on the community effort and its necessary arrangements in good time, no later than two weeks prior to the planned date.
  • Notify the property maintenance supervisor of your building well in advance, no later than two weeks before the bee day, and agree on the arrangements. Inform the maintenance supervisor of your building about the community effort via Defect notifications in the Resident Portal (instructions below). By using the right channel, you ensure that the message goes directly to the right person instead of getting stuck on the email list.
  • Notify residents of the community effort well in advance, for example, on the house notice board or in the house social media group. In the bee invitations, you should mention at least the date and time, what will be done and whether there will be a sauna opportunity. 
  • Suitable tasks include, for example, raking and cleaning the courtyard and planting seasonal flowers. Expertise is required to fertilise plants, trim hedges and cut trees, so they cannot be handled without a permit and proper instructions. Maintenance of playgrounds and playground equipment must also be left to professionals. 
  • Children are often enthusiastic helpers, so you should also think of work tasks suitable for children. 
  • Catering can be procured in accordance with the building committee’s budget guidelines. 
  • The bee sauna can be heated at a time when there are no regular reservations in the sauna. 

Ordering community effort equipment

On the basis of orders by the chairman or a trustee of the house committee or, in their absence, a representative of the residents, Heka will acquire a community effort equipment for cleaning waste generated in the community effort. 

  • Orders for community efforts are usually made twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn.
  • Garden waste, such as sticks, branches, leaves and weeds can be brought to the community effort skip according to the instructions on it.

The community effort skip and equipment are ordered via Defect notifications in the Resident Portal by selecting “Waste skip and equipment for yard bee” in the notification.

  • Orders at least 2 weeks prior to the community effort.
  • Be sure to specify in the notification what equipment is required for the community effort (skip, wheelbarrow, rakes, etc.). 

Please note that the maintenance supervisor will confirm to the house committee the schedule of the community effort based on when the equipment is available. 

Heka is responsible for ordering all the community effort equipment from Heka's contract partners based on the orders received via Defect notifications. Equipment can only be ordered via Heka, not directly. 

The community effort skip has clear sorting labels and signs attached by the supplier, which include the names of the waste types and instructions on how to sort them.

As a rule, demountable skips are ordered for community efforts, but large bags can also be ordered as needed. It is important to organise the collection of waste with equipment that ensures that the waste is recycled in the best possible way.

A WEEE (Electric and electronic equipment) bin can be ordered for community efforts, as a rule once a year. There is also a partner from a tender for the WEEE collection through which Heka's WEEE recycling is carried out. The WEEE bin must be ordered via Heka in the same way as community effort equipment.

Sort and recycle correctly

Please note that these skips are only intended for community efforts. Only such waste that is shown in the sorting labels can be brought to the community effort skips, so that recycling will not need additional work. Each resident is always responsible for properly recycling their own electrical appliances, electronics, furniture, textiles, etc.
Heka's waste collection points are only intended for waste suitable for the bins located there. 

To be taken into account in the tidy-up of bicycle storage spaces 

Over time, bicycle storage spaces can easily accumulate bicycles and other equipment that is no longer in use. If the bicycle storage space of your building is in disarray, agree on a clear-out with the maintenance staff. 

The maintenance staff will inform the residents, label the bikes and other outdoor equipment and dispose of scrap.