Building committees can organise yard work and cleaning bees for the building’s residents to clean up the yard areas and shared facilities.

Remember to follow the coronavirus instructions.

Spring and autumn are great times for such events. The following points should be taken into account in the arrangements:

  • Notify the property maintenance supervisor of your building well in advance, no later than two weeks before the bee day, and agree on the arrangements. 
  • Inform residents about the work bee on the building’s notice board, for example. In the bee invitations, you should mention at least the date and time, what will be done and whether there will be a sauna opportunity. 
  • Work suitable for a bee includes raking the yard and planting summer flowers, for example. Pruning shrubs and trees requires professional skills, so this should not be handled in a bee. The maintenance of playgrounds and their equipment must also be left to professionals. 
  • Heka will arrange a waste skip for spring bees on request. If the building does not have its own rakes, wheelbarrows and other work equipment, the regional office will provide them on request. Discuss the ordering of the waste skip and equipment with the maintenance supervisor when agreeing on the time of the bee.
  • Most of the work waste can be thrown into the waste skip.
  • It is recommended that you order large garden waste bags for green waste and a waste skip for other waste.
  • Electrical equipment, electronics and hazardous waste such as batteries, paints or car tyres must not be placed in the waste skip. Hazardous waste must be delivered to an official collection point, such as a Sortti station.
  • Children are often enthusiastic helpers, so you should also think of work tasks suitable for children. 
  • Catering can be procured in accordance with the building committee’s budget guidelines. 
  • The bee sauna can be heated at a time when there are no regular reservations in the sauna. Agree on heating the sauna with the supervisor in advance. 
  • It is a good idea to confirm the bee date, the ordering of the waste skip and equipment and the heating of the bee sauna in writing, for example by email, before distributing any bulletins. 

To be taken into account in the tidy-up of bicycle storage spaces 

Over time, bicycle storage spaces can easily accumulate bicycles and other equipment that is no longer in use. If the bicycle storage space of your building is in disarray, agree on a clear-out with the maintenance staff. 

The maintenance staff will inform the residents, label the bikes and other outdoor equipment and dispose of scrap.