When planning a major tidy-up of common facilities or bicycle and outdoor equipment storage spaces, a schedule and division of labour must be agreed on with the regional office.

    To be taken into account in the tidy-up of common facilities and storage spaces:

    • The building committee and regional office will decide together on the need for a major tidy-up. The schedule and division of labour, as well as the ordering of any waste skips, will also be agreed on together. 
    • The maintenance staff will inform the residents about the major tidy-up at least three (3) weeks before the deadline and the date of the event. The bulletin will clearly state the schedule and what is expected of the resident. 
    • The bulletins will be distributed to all apartments and displayed on notice boards, bicycle and pram storage doors and other areas, such as the waste shelter door. The bulletin will instruct the resident on what is expected of them before and after the major tidy-up and state the schedule.
    • In the public facilities, the bulletin will be displayed for two months after the tidy-up date.
    • The maintenance staff will label all equipment in the storage space at the same time as they distribute the bulletins. The labels are designed for bicycles but are used for all items that need to be labelled for the tidy-up. The date by which the label must be removed from the item will be manually added to the label. The residents must remove the labels from their own items by the date mentioned in the bulletin. 
    • All items still labelled after the agreed date will be photographed by the maintenance staff, and the photos will be kept at the regional offices for any later enquiries.
    • Items of any value will be stored for at least two (2) months, after which they will be donated to charity. PLEASE NOTE! Valuable bicycles or cases that are unclear for other reasons may be stored until the next tidy-up. If the items in question have not been missed after one year of storage, for example, they can also be assumed to be abandoned. 
    • Valuable bicycles that have been abandoned, possibly lost or stolen from the owner will be reported to the police.
    • Scrap will be disposed of after being photographed.