Each apartment has its own storage compartment numbered after the apartment. The storage compartment door has lock brackets suitable for a padlock, however you must supply the padlock yourself.

It is advisable to keep the storage compartment locked even when empty to prevent misuse of the space. Store your property in the storage compartment at your own risk. 

It is not advisable to store moisture-sensitive items in unheated storage facilities. A good way to avoid damage to your property in the event of water damage is to place the property stored in the basement on a platform approximately 10 cm high. Do not store flammable liquids or gases in the storage compartment. You can store up to one set of car tyres in your storage compartment.

Root cellars

In older buildings, the apartment may include a cooled root cellar compartment numbered after the apartment. It is for food storage only. Supply your own padlock for the basement compartment door.