Sauna reservations can be made at your local customer service point if there are available times. 

A fee approved by the Heka Board is charged for paid sauna reservations. 

If you wish to cancel your sauna reservation, please notify your regional office using the form on our website.

Sauna instructions

You can extend the service life of the sauna and save on maintenance costs by not wetting the walls or benches of the sauna with water. It is recommended that you use your own seat cover for hygiene reasons.  

The following are not allowed in the sauna: 

  • heating food on the sauna heater 
  • throwing fragrant substances onto the heater 
  • changing the fixed settings of the heater thermostat and wetting the thermostat with water 
  • taking glass bottles into the sauna and washroom 
  • use of colouring substances 
  • taking pets into the sauna facilities 
  • leaving malodorous waste in the changing room waste bins.

Please also read and follow the building-specific instructions for using the sauna.

If you think there is room for improvement in the temperature of the sauna, please notify customer service.

Open weekly sauna turns and other joint turns

The building committees can agree on arranging free weekly and Christmas sauna turns for all tenants with the regional office. Free joint sauna turns can be arranged at times when there are no paid reservations for the sauna.