The use of laundry and drying rooms as well as the clothes lines in the yard is recommended as this reduces the apartments’ moisture stress and risk of moisture damage. Read and follow the operating instructions of the equipment and facilities. 

Evenings and weekends are usually the most popular times. Thus, it is advisable to choose weekday morning and day times whenever possible. Please do not make unnecessary reservations. Unused reservations will be transferred to other users in accordance with the building-specific rules. 

The water in Helsinki is soft, so the minimum amount of detergent according to the dosing instructions is sufficient.

Pick up your laundry as soon as it has dried to free up drying space for the next user. Please leave the laundry facilities and equipment clean for the next user. Pets are not allowed in the laundry room. 

Washing rugs in a normal laundry room is prohibited unless otherwise stated. Many buildings have special rug washing rooms with equipment designed to withstand rug washing. For more information about carpet washing rooms, contact your local customer service point.

Using the laundry room of your building or group of buildings (rent determination unit) is free of charge.

Laundry room reservation

These properties of Heka Kaakko Oy have an electronic laundry room reservation system: Alakiventie 5, Alakiventie 8, Hallainvuorentie 1, Kukkaniityntie 25, Lallukankuja 1, Mamsellimyllynkatu 25, Myllypurontie 22, Porttitie 9, Ryynimyllynkatu 2, Virtarannankatu 3-5, Vuokkinimenkatu 11, Yläkiventie 2, Yläkiventie 4, Yläkiventie 5 and Yläkiventie 8. Reservations can be made via the link below.