Laundry rooms, saunas, storage facilities, balconies, club rooms, passageways and other shared facilities are the building’s business cards that show how people live in the building.

You can contribute to the comfort of shared facilities by following these guidelines: 

  • The Heka regional office cleans the shared facilities according to the building’s cleaning programme, but cleanliness is also the responsibility of the tenants. Leave the facilities in a condition that ensures they are pleasant for the next user.
  • Close doors and windows when leaving. If the facility can be locked, make sure the door gets locked. 
  • Do not store any items in stairwells, storage room hallways or other passageways. Keep passageways unobstructed. 
  • Loitering and smoking in shared facilities is prohibited. 
  • If you notice any burned out light bulbs or anything else to be repaired in the shared facilities, submit a defect notification. 


Noise is easily carried from the stairwell to the apartments, so move around as quietly as possible in these spaces. Please do not store bicycles, prams or other items in the stairwell. They may block the passageway and are also a fire safety risk.


Observe the lift’s operating instructions and load limits. The lift is not a children’s playground – teach your child to use the lift safely. Lifts must not be used during a fire or other similar emergency.  

Shared storage rooms

Apartment buildings usually have their own storage facilities for outdoor and sports equipment. The storage of mopeds and other motor vehicles in these premises is prohibited. The regional office is not responsible for any property stored in the storage rooms. 

Some buildings have separate storage facilities for prams and pushchairs. Even if there are no separate storages facilities for them, they must not be stored in the stairwells or other passageways of the building. 

Spring cleaning of bicycle storage spaces 

In time, bicycle storage spaces can easily accumulate bicycles and other equipment that are no longer in use. The bicycle storage will become tidier and easier to use once broken or too-small bicycles, scooters and other equipment or devices that have been abandoned are cleared away.If the situation in your building’s bicycle storage space is getting out of control, you should contact the location’s housing committee or building management.  

Storage compartments

Each apartment has its own storage compartment numbered after the apartment. The storage compartment door has lock brackets suitable for a padlock, however you must supply the padlock yourself. It is advisable to keep the storage compartment locked even when empty to prevent misuse of the space. Store your property in the storage compartment at your own risk. 

It is not advisable to store moisture-sensitive items in unheated storage facilities. A good way to avoid damage to your property in the event of water damage is to place the property stored in the basement on a platform approximately 10 cm high. Do not store flammable liquids or gases in the storage compartment. You can store up to one set of car tyres in your storage compartment.

Root cellars

In older buildings, the apartment may include a cooled root cellar compartment numbered after the apartment. It is for food storage only. Supply your own padlock for the basement compartment door. 

Laundry and drying rooms

The use of laundry and drying rooms as well as the clothes lines in the yard is recommended as this reduces the apartments’ moisture stress and risk of moisture damage. Read and follow the operating instructions of the equipment and facilities. 

Evenings and weekends are usually the most popular times. Thus, it is advisable to choose weekday morning and day times whenever possible. Please do not make unnecessary reservations. Unused reservations will be transferred to other users in accordance with the building-specific rules. 

The water in Helsinki is soft, so the minimum amount of detergent according to the dosing instructions is sufficient.

Pick up your laundry as soon as it has dried to free up drying space for the next user. Please leave the laundry facilities and equipment clean for the next user. Pets are not allowed in the laundry room. 

Washing rugs in a normal laundry room is prohibited unless otherwise stated. Many buildings have special rug washing rooms with equipment designed to withstand rug washing. For more information about carpet washing rooms, contact your local customer service point.

Using the laundry room of your building or group of buildings (rent determination unit) is free of charge.

Laundry room reservation

These properties of Heka Kaakko Oy have an electronic laundry room reservation system: Alakiventie 5, Alakiventie 8, Hallainvuorentie 1, Kukkaniityntie 25, Lallukankuja 1, Mamsellimyllynkatu 25, Myllypurontie 22, Porttitie 9, Ryynimyllynkatu 2, Virtarannankatu 3-5, Vuokkinimenkatu 11, Yläkiventie 2, Yläkiventie 4, Yläkiventie 5 and Yläkiventie 8. Reservations can be made via the link below.

Airing balconies

The buildings may have airing balconies for the common use of the residents. The building’s rules of conduct must be observed when using them. 

Sauna reservations

Sauna reservations can be made at your local customer service point if there are available times. A fee approved by the Heka Board is charged for paid sauna reservations. 

If you wish to cancel your sauna reservation, please notify your regional office using the form on our website.

Sauna instructions

You can extend the service life of the sauna and save on maintenance costs by not wetting the walls or benches of the sauna with water. It is recommended that you use your own seat cover for hygiene reasons.  

The following are not allowed in the sauna: 

  • heating food on the sauna heater 
  • throwing fragrant substances onto the heater 
  • changing the fixed settings of the heater thermostat and wetting the thermostat with water 
  • taking glass bottles into the sauna and washroom 
  • use of colouring substances 
  • taking pets into the sauna facilities 
  • leaving malodorous waste in the changing room waste bins.

Please also read and follow the building-specific instructions for using the sauna.

If you think there is room for improvement in the temperature of the sauna, please notify customer service.

Open weekly sauna turns and other joint turns

The building committees can agree on arranging free weekly and Christmas sauna turns for all tenants with the regional office. Free joint sauna turns can be arranged at times when there are no paid reservations for the sauna.  

Club rooms and recreational facilities

Most buildings have club rooms and recreational facilities for tenants to use. The building committee decides on the principles of their use and informs the tenants of its decisions.