All kinds of pets are welcome in Heka’s apartments.

Pets are dear family members for many city residents, and all kinds of pets are welcome in Heka’s apartments. Keeping farm animals in Heka’s apartments is not allowed. There is no need to report your pet to the regional office when you move in or if you get a pet during your residence.

Pet owners should consider the following:

  • If you have pets in your apartment, please state this in advance if your apartment is to undergo inspection or maintenance work while you are not home.
  • As a pet owner, you need to make sure that your pet does not disturb other residents with, for example, frequent barking or damage the property.
  • Keep dogs and cats on a lead in stairwells and outdoors. Do not allow them into children’s playgrounds.
  • Collect pet droppings in a poo bag. Cat litter belongs in mixed waste, not the sewer. 
  • It is forbidden to wash animals in the public facilities of the property and to take animals to the shared sauna, washing and laundry facilities.
  • As a pet owner, you are liable for any damage caused by your pet.

For the safety of pets and the activities of rescue personnel, the Rescue Department recommends that a sticker be placed on the front door of the apartment stating that there are animals in the apartment.