Make the most of the yard. The yard areas are intended for use by all tenants of the building. At best, the yard can become a communal social area for the whole neighbourhood.

Yard and play areas

It is allowed and even recommended that you spend time in the yard. Yards are intended for the use of all tenants, just like all the other shared facilities of the properties. However, please observe the rules of conduct and general good manners. 

  • Keep your pets on a lead in the yard area and make sure your pet does not damage the yard plantings. 
  • The feeding of birds, squirrels and other wild animals is prohibited, as the food intended for them also attracts rats and other pests to the yard.
  • Rubbish belongs in the bin.
  • Washing and servicing cars is only allowed in areas designated for this purpose. 
  • Do not disturb other residents. Noise and other disturbances must be avoided, particularly between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am.

Play areas

  • The playground equipment in the yard areas is intended for small children. Other pieces of furniture or equipment in the yard area are not suitable for play.
  • Advise children on the correct routes, playgrounds and the correct ways to move and play. Do not leave small children without proper supervision.
  • The condition of the playground equipment should be monitored. If you notice any defects in it, submit a defect notification immediately.
  • Unfortunately, lawns are not suitable for playing as they are easily damaged if trampled on. Moving around on or through shrub beds must also be avoided to avoid damaging the shrubs.
  • Pets are not allowed in the play areas.

Shared yards

In some densely built-up areas, there may be shared yards used by several different housing companies, the maintenance of which is organised on a case-by-case basis. If you need to report a defect in the shared yard, for example, ask your regional office who is responsible for maintaining the shared yard.

Flag flying

The Heka regional office takes care of flag flying on normal flag days. You can inquire at your local office if you wish to fly a flag for celebration or at half-mast. For flag flying ordered by a tenant, we charge a fee in accordance with our service price list. We do not charge a fee for flag flying at half-mast.

Cultivation boxes

If the tenants want one or more cultivation boxes in the shared yard, the building committee must notify the building manager. The building committee procures the seeds, seedlings and other useful plants and is responsible for installing the cultivation boxes.

The building committee appoints a person in charge who takes care of the cleanliness of the boxes. If the maintenance of the boxes is neglected or debris accumulates in them, Heka’s property maintenance staff will have to remove the boxes.

The plants are watered with a watering can, not a hose. A place for getting water must be agreed upon with the property maintenance staff.

For more detailed information and instructions on cultivation boxes, contact your building manager.