A balcony or yard provides your home with comfortable extra square metres, particularly in the summer. It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep their yard or balcony tidy. 


You can turn the balcony into a comfortable oasis in your home by keeping it tidy and in good condition, just like the other areas of your home.

Take good care of your balcony

  • Keep your balcony clean and clear of debris. Do not use the balcony as a storage space or for storing waste.
  • Remove snow in the winter, but be careful when shovelling snow down from the balcony. Check that there is no one under the balcony.
  • Do not let debris get inside the balcony drains.
  • Do not lay wet rugs on a painted balcony floor, as they may damage the paint coating.
  • If your balcony is glazed, clean the glass regularly if you can do so safely.
  • Do not start an open fire on your balcony – it may cause a larger, uncontrolled fire.
  • Beautifying your balcony with flowers is allowed – and even recommended! Place the planter boxes inside the railings so that they cannot fall.
  • Make sure that neither children nor pets climb over the balcony railing.
  • Make sure not to shake or brush clothes or linen outside the railings in such a way that debris or dust is carried by the wind to the balconies on the lower floors.
  • Cigarette butts belong in the waste bin. Do not throw them down from the balcony.
  • If the doors to your balcony have a wooden frame, do not keep them open continuously, as they can become damaged.

Installing your own balcony glazing

Unfortunately, installing balcony glazing by yourself, at your own cost, is not allowed.

Apartment yard

If your apartment includes a yard, you are responsible for carrying out the related yard work, such as cleaning, snow removal, lawn mowing and other maintenance of greenery. You can plant summer flowers in the yard. If you wish to plant something else, you will need written permission from the regional office. When you move out, the plants you have planted will be left in place, without compensation.


Grilling on the balconies is allowed when using an electrical grill. A gas grill can also be used on the terrace or in your apartment’s yard.