Replacing lamps, fuses and batteries is the tenant’s responsibility.

Electrical devices

For safety reasons, do not use devices that are plugged into an ordinary socket outside the wet room when you are in the wet room. Also, do not power electrical devices used outdoors from an indoor socket. Fixed electrical devices may only be installed and repaired by a competent electrical professional with written permission from the building management.
As the lessor, Heka is responsible for the condition of the following electrical devices in the apartment:

  • the apartment’s fixed electrical, telecommunications, data and antenna cables 
  • the electricity meter and fuse box 
  • sockets and switches 
  • repairs to fixed lamps and their covers 
  • the refrigeration appliances included in the apartment’s equipment.

If an electrical device under Heka’s responsibility becomes defective, submit a defect notification about it without delay.

Broken or unnecessary electrical devices do not belong in the building’s waste collection facility – they must be delivered to a collection facility for electrical equipment.

Changing light bulbs and fuses

Change any burnt out lamps, batteries and fuses as well as fluorescent lamps and their starters. If your apartment is equipped with automatic circuit breakers, reset the tripped circuit breaker by turning the switch to its normal position. Return the residual-current device’s switch to its ‘on’ position. Only the plugs of grounded or insulated devices may be connected to grounded sockets.

Energy-saving lamps and other fluorescent lamps are hazardous waste that may not be disposed of in mixed waste.