Are the doors and windows of your apartment and their locks in good condition? 

Taking care of the condition and locking of doors and windows increases the comfort and safety of living. 


In apartment buildings, apartments usually have an inner and outer front door. You should keep both doors closed to prevent sounds from the stairwell from carrying into the apartment in a disruptive manner and to prevent the sounds inside the apartment from being heard in the stairwell. 


When you leave your home for an extended period of time for a holiday, for example, deadlock your apartment’s front door. Please note that it must be possible to exit the apartment without a key in the event of a fire or some other emergency.

Installing a security lock and peephole

You can install a security lock, door chain and peephole in your front door at your own expense. Permission to install a security lock must be sought from the servicemanager using the resident portal or defect notification form.

Leave the security locks and door chains open when you have been notified in advance that someone is coming to your apartment to carry out inspections or repairs.
If you move out, the security lock, door chain and peephole will be left in place without compensation, and you must hand the keys to the security lock over to the regional office. Alternatively, you can install appropriate covers in place of the security lock and peephole and ensure that the place where the door chain was installed is left tidy. 

Windows and Venetian blinds

You should not avoid the task of cleaning the windows, as cleaning them at least once a year helps keep the windows in good condition. A clean window also lets in more light than a dirty one.

It is the resident's responsibility to clean the blinds.


You can always air out your apartment if necessary. In the winter or at other times when the apartment is being heated with radiators, air out your apartment briefly by keeping the windows or the balcony door properly open for five to ten minutes. It is more economical to air out the apartment efficiently for short period of time than keep the windows and doors open for an extended period of time. Do not air out your apartment into the stairwell.