To ensure that your summer treats are prepared safely and neighbourly peace is preserved, please familiarise yourself with Heka’s instructions for grilling in the yard and on the balcony.

Heka’s rules of conduct prohibit lighting an open fire on balconies, so grilling on balconies is only allowed with an electric grill. On terraces and apartment yards, you can use gas and electric grills. In the designated grilling areas in the shared yards, you can grill with electric, gas, wood and charcoal grills. Grilling is not allowed in shared yards outside of the designated grilling areas.  

Gas grills are pretty fire safe as long as you remember a few basic things:

  • Check the condition of the gas grill and replace the hose if it is not in good condition. You can install the hoses yourself, but for fixed installations it is best to always use an approved gas installation company. If you are unsure about your skills, always have an expert help.
  • When replacing the cylinder, make sure that there are no sources of ignition nearby. After replacement, check that the connections are sealed tight. If the cylinder has a click-on valve, test the pressure regulator connection by lifting the cylinder at the joint.
  • Always close the cylinder valve after grilling.
  • Flammable hazardous substances, such as gas cylinders, must not be stored in cage, basement and attic compartments or other shared facilities. 
  • On a private balcony, you can store a gas cylinder of up to 25 kg if the balcony is well ventilated. For example, the temperature on a glazed balcony can easily rise significantly, i.e. to over 40 degrees Celcius. In this case, the gas cylinder must be detached from the grill or stored elsewhere than the balcony.


Building committees’ grills for loan

Building committees may, within their budgets, purchase a gas or electric grill for the joint use of the residents. You can arrange to borrow the grill with your building committee. The building committee may not charge a deposit for borrowing the grill. The gas cylinder of the shared grill can be stored in the building’s shared storage facility if it is at ground level or higher.