Transferring the lease means a situation in which the main tenant of the apartment transfers the right of control over the apartment they are renting, as well as their obligations towards the lessor, to another person.

In a transfer of the lease, the obligation to pay rent is also transferred to the new main tenant.

As the main tenant, you may transfer the lease for you apartment over to your spouse, a child belonging to your family, your parent or your spouse’s parent. The individual to whom the main lease is transferred must live in the apartment, i.e. be listed as an occupant in the register of occupants, when the transfer of the lease is reported.

Send a notice about the transfer of the lease to your regional office using the form available on the website. Attach the following to your notice:

  • a valid building manager’s statement, which guarantees that you do not have any unpaid rent, for example
  • a life certificate from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency to prove a close family relationship.


If the transfer of the lease is accepted, the occupant to whom the lease has been transferred becomes the main tenant. A separate rental agreement is drawn up for this occupant for the apartment in question.