The apartment may be relinquished to another person temporarily under certain conditions.

The tenant has the right to relinquish their apartment to another person temporarily, based on certain grounds. The right to temporary relinquishment arises when the tenant is required to move temporarily to another municipality on account of

  • a job
  • studies
  • an illness that requires treatment
  • or some other similar grounds, such as military or non-military service.

The fact that the tenant’s family member is staying in another municipality does not qualify as grounds for temporary relinquishment. The apartment can be relinquished temporarily for a maximum of two years at a time. There can be more than one two-year periods within a long residency. The main tenant retains the main rental agreement with Heka the whole time. The main tenant is also responsible for the payment of rent and other obligations during a temporary relinquishment. A temporary tenant may pay rent directly to Heka or the main tenant, but this must always been agreed upon with your regional office.

Follow these steps if you wish to relinquish your apartment temporarily to someone else:

  • Submit a notice of the temporary relinquishment of your apartment in writing to the regional office a month before the start of the relinquishment. Heka will reply to you, stating that the notice has been received and that the preconditions for a temporary relinquishment are in order.
  • Submit your notice together with written proof of the grounds for the temporary relinquishment: an employment contract, a school or university enrolment certificate, a certificate of the treatment of an illness or a certificate of military or non-military service. Travel tickets alone are not sufficient.
  • Submit a notice about the temporary tenant to the register of occupants.
  • If you want, you can sign a sublease with the temporary tenant.

Please note that you are not allowed to charge the temporary tenant a rent higher than what you yourself pay to Heka. Keep in mind that you are also responsible for the payment of rent and other obligations during a temporary relinquishment. If, for example, the temporary tenant leads a disruptive lifestyle, any warning will be addressed to you.