With permission from the regional office, you may sublease your whole apartment for the duration of a holiday, for example, but for no longer than 31 days.

After receiving permission, you may sublease your whole apartment for a maximum period of 31 days, once per calendar year. If you wish to sublease your apartment, follow these steps:

  • Apply to your regional office for permission in writing, such as by e-mail, no later than 14 days prior to the start of the sublease.
  • Submit a copy of your sublease agreement, which must specify the rent amount. You are not allowed to charge your subtenant a rent relatively higher than what you yourself pay to Heka.

As the main tenant, you are also responsible for the payment of rent and other tenant obligations during a sublease period. Subleasing the whole apartment for a longer period of time or without Heka’s permission is forbidden. In such cases, Heka may terminate the rental agreement.