You are allowed to have a subtenant in your apartment in accordance with statutory terms.

Subleasing a part of the apartment is a rental relationship in which the tenant relinquishes a part of the apartment they are renting to another individual in exchange for compensation. You are allowed to sublease a part of the apartment you are renting from Heka under certain statutory terms.

Requirements for subleasing a part of the apartment

  • When subleasing a part of the apartment, this part may not exceed half of the number of rooms in your apartment.
  • Sign a separate rental agreement with your subtenant. The sublease may be valid until further notice or for a fixed term. You remain the main tenant for the apartment.
  • You are not allowed to charge your subtenant a rent relatively higher than what you yourself pay to Heka.
  • The subtenant must be reported to the register of occupants. So submit a notice when your subtenant moves in on the Resident Portal (Service requests - Submit a notice of moving in). Our maintenance staff will only open the doors to an individual listed in the list of tenants if you lose your keys or have forgotten them at home, for example.
  • You are always responsible to Heka for the living of your subtenant in the apartment, such as their payment of rent.
  • Your subtenant’s sublease is tied to your main rental agreement. If your rental agreement with Heka ends, the sublease of your subtenant ends at the same time.
  • Either of the parties to the sublease may terminate a sublease that is valid until further notice, adhering to the periods of notice. Please note that the periods of notice for a sublease are shorter than those for an ordinary rental agreement.
  • A fixed-term sublease ends when the term in question ends.

Example: Matti is the main tenant in a three-room Heka apartment. Matti may sublease no more than half of the rooms in his apartment, i.e. one room. Matti signs a sublease with Anssi. Matti is still the main tenant for the apartment. Matti is liable to Heka for Anssi’s behaviour in the apartment. If Anssi’s behaviour causes disturbances, any warning will be addressed to Matti. If Anssi fails to pay his share of the rent to Matti, this is not grounds for Matti to not pay the whole rent for the apartment to Heka. If Matti’s rental agreement ends, Anssi’s sublease will also end.