We provide a temporary replacement apartment for our tenants for the duration of renovations.

We notify our tenants of upcoming renovations roughly half a year before the moving day and terminate the rental agreement for the current apartment. At the same time, we send a questionnaire on the tenants’ needs for a replacement apartment. By filling in the questionnaire, you can tell us about your own wishes and housing needs: after all, it is possible that a family moving out because of renovations were considering moving into a larger apartment or to another area where their workplaces are located. Moving out because of renovations may be an opportunity to change apartments. The income and wealth of the tenants is only inspected when the move is initiated by the tenants themselves, which ensures their position when buildings are renovated or demolished.

We inform tenants of their future replacement apartments and the estimated period of stay well before the moving day. We try to find a replacement apartment as close to the current home as possible. The tenants who move into a replacement apartment sign an agreement that is valid until further notice.

Tenants have the right to return to their old apartment after the completion of the renovations in any case, but they may also stay in the replacement apartment. We survey our tenants’ housing wishes with another questionnaire a few months before the completion of the renovations.