Agree upon the practical matters related to moving and submit the necessary notices in good time.

When you move in to Heka

Welcome to your new home! We hope that you will enjoy your stay and that your life will be free of worries. Before you settle in, please take care of the following responsibilities of a new tenant:

  • Agree upon the pick-up of the keys and the date of the move at the regional office.
  • Submit a notice to the regional office for the list of tenants. Our maintenance staff will only open the doors to an individual listed in the list of tenants if you lose your keys or have forgotten them at home, for example.
  • Do you need a parking space or sauna reservation? Ask your regional office about them.
  • Submit a statutory notification of moving to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency no earlier than a month before your moving day or no later than a week after moving. You must also notify the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of a temporary residency if it lasts longer than three months.
  • Sign an electricity contract and, if necessary, a gas contract well before your moving day.
  • Report you new address to your workplace, you children’s daycare centre, the bank and other parties that require your address.
  • Update your home insurance to apply to your new apartment.
  • If you wish, you can agree with Posti on the temporary forwarding of your post to your new address.

Keep in mind that if someone other than a party to the rental agreement (such as your spouse or child) later moves into the Heka apartment you are renting, this also needs to be reported to the list of tenants by submitting a notice.

When one of the occupants moves out

If an occupant other than the party to the rental agreement (such as your family’s child who has become of age) moves out of the Heka apartment you are renting, report it to the register of occupants.