When the tenant dies, the responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the rental agreement passes on to the estate.

When a tenant of Heka dies, the responsibility for meeting the terms of the rental agreement, such as taking care of rental payments, is transferred to the deceased tenant’s estate. In other words, the tenancy does not automatically end when the tenant dies, but when the estate terminates the rental agreement.

If the deceased resident is not the main tenant of the apartment or their spouse, the agreement does not need to be terminated. In that case, please submit a notice on the matter through the Resident Portal of Heka (Service Request > Submit a notice of moving out). If you are a Heka resident and the notice concerns the apartment in which you live, please submit the notice through the Resident Portal of Heka. 

Instructions for the estate

  • The estate may terminate the rental agreement in the same manner as a rental agreement that is valid until further notice is terminated in any other situation. The estate must adhere to the one-month period of notice.
  • If the deceased tenant had rented the apartment together with another individual, the right of termination belongs to the estate and the surviving tenant together. Both parties have the right to terminate the agreement for their part. The individual who rented the apartment together with the deceased tenant has the right to continue the tenancy in place of the estate unless the lessor has a justified reason to oppose this. The same right is possessed by the spouse of the deceased tenant, a child belonging to the family and the parent of either the tenant or their spouse who lives in the apartment.
  • An occupant who wishes to continue the rental agreement must submit a written notice of this within three months of the tenant’s death. This notice ends the estate’s responsibility for meeting the rental terms and transfers the responsibility to the individual who submitted the notice.

If you cannot log in to the Resident Portal or the notice concerns an apartment which you do not live in, please submit the notice using the link shown below.