In order to maintain a pleasant and safe living environment for all residents, the following rules of conduct are in effect in the building, in addition to legislation.

Shared facilities and yard areas

The building entrance is locked between 9:00 pm and 7:00 am. In buildings with a door code or door telephone, the entrance is locked around the clock. Avoid making unnecessary noise when using shared facilities. Unnecessary loitering in shared facilities is prohibited. Airing your apartment by keeping the apartment door open is prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited in the stairwell, the lifts, other shared facilities and children's play areas. In nonsmoking buildings, smoking is also prohibited inside apartments, on balconies, terraces and in the yards.

Due to fire safety reasons, personal property may only be stored in designated storage facilities. The storing of flammable or dangerous materials in shared storage facilities is prohibited. Car tyres (one set) may be stored in personal storage compartments. The storing of any kind of personal property in stairwells and basement hallways is prohibited.

The use of colouring agents is prohibited in the laundry room and sauna. Taking glass bottles into the wash and sauna rooms is prohibited. Washing carpets and rugs in the regular washing machines of the building's laundry room is prohibited.

Household waste must be taken to the designated waste collection points. Any instructions provided regarding waste sorting must be followed.

Do not damage lawns and plantings. The setting up of advertisements or signs is prohibited. The setting up of a satellite dish on the apartment balcony is only allowed if it remains inside the railings and does not damage any balcony structures.

Dusting and drying laundry

Dusting carpets, rugs and bedclothes is only allowed in designated areas. Dusting and airing linen and drying laundry on the balcony is only allowed within the balcony railings.

Apartments and balconies

Please make sure not to disturb other residents in the apartments and the building area. Noise and other disturbances must be avoided, particularly between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

Take care of your apartment. Make sure to keep fire alarms in working order. Balconies must be kept clean and excess snow must be removed in the winter. Do not store any personal property that increases the fire load or causes disturbances to other residents in the balcony.

Washing the balcony with running water is prohibited. Any plant containers must be kept inside the balcony railings. The lighting of an open fire on the balcony is prohibited.

Grilling on the balcony is only allowed, using an electric grill; both gas and electric grills may be used on the building terrace and yards.

Always observe fire safety rules. Any leaks and other defects must be immediately notified to the maintenance company. Do not use the toilet or floor drains to dispose of any waste that might clog up the pipes.

Any sightings of pests or vermin must be immediately notified to the maintenance company.


Parking is only allowed in the designated parking areas. Guest parking spaces are reserved exclusively
for persons visiting the building. The building's parking spaces are only meant for vehicles currently in use. Discarded or end-of-life vehicles or their parts are not to be kept in the parking area or anywhere else on the property.

The access lids of heating posts must be kept locked. The heating cable must be disconnected from the post after use. Limitations concerning idling must be observed in the yard and parking areas. Washing and servicing cars is only allowed in areas designated for this purpose.


Pets must be kept on a leash in the building stairwell and elsewhere on the property so as to ensure the safety of other residents. Taking pets into the shared sauna, washing and laundry facilities is prohibited.
When walking your pet, make sure that it does not dirty or damage the property and the yards, plantings or building walls. Collect your pet’s droppings. Walking pets in designated children's play areas and their immediate vicinity is prohibited. Owners are responsible for making sure that their pets do not disturb the environment or other residents by constant barking, meowing, etc. The feeding of birds, squirrels and other wild animals is prohibited.


Violating these rules of conduct may make you liable for damages or result in your rental agreement being terminated. Residents must make sure that their guests also comply with these rules of conduct

Ordningsregler för husbolag (pdf)

Building Rules of conduct (pdf)