The removal of televisions, mattresses, coffee makers and other items that do not belong in the property’s waste bins incurs a significant expense each year, which is reflected in the rents of Heka’s tenants. This is because Heka is invoiced separately for objects and waste bags left outside the waste bins. 

This is how you get rid of large objects

Could an object useless to you be useful for someone else? Pass undamaged and usable items on via sales and donation services or recycling groups on Facebook, for example. 

The reuse centre receives usable, undamaged and clean furniture, carpets, household items, hobby equipment, children’s products, books, records, shoes, clothing and textiles, as well as materials suitable for handicrafts. See the Reuse Centre’s website for more detailed instructions.

Getting rid of broken household appliances and other electrical devices

Electrical waste is equipment removed from use that requires an electric current or an electromagnetic field to operate.

You can return small individual electrical devices (less than 25 cm in size) and energy-saving light bulbs to the specialty stores and department stores that sell them without the obligation to buy a new device. The store will take away a large device when you buy a new similar device to replace it.

Household electrical devices can be taken to Sortti Stations free of charge. HSY’s collection trucks circulating in the spring also take away household electrical waste. You can also pay for a pick-up, such as the Sortti Pick-up Service. 

Electrical devices must not be disposed of as mixed waste. Do not leave them in the property’s waste collection facility either.

Devices that are functional or have minor defects are accepted by Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre, for example.

Getting rid of car tyres

You can take old car tyres to any Finnish Tire Recycling collection point for recycling free of charge without any purchase obligations.