What should I do if I lose my keys?

If you have locked yourself out, you may request the door opening service from Heka. The cost of renewing the key varies depending on the lock type.

If a resident has locked themselves out, they may request the door opening service from Heka. For security reasons, doors are only opened for residents registered in the register of occupants. You must prove your identity with a photo ID in connection with the door opening service. This is why it is very important to keep the register of occupants up to date. You can update information in the register by submitting notifications whenever residents move in or out of the building to the customer services department of the regional company. The easiest way to submit a notification is by completing the electronic registration form on the Heka website.

You can request the door opening service from the customer service number during office hours and by calling the emergency number outside office hours. The door opening service is provided by property maintenance and it is subject to a charge, which will be invoiced for by post. On weekdays 7 am–4 pm, the door opening service costs 25 euros, between the hours of 4 and 10 pm, the service costs 40 euros, and at night between 10 pm and 7 am, the service costs 65 euros. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and holiday eves, the service costs 65 euros. If you wish to avoid door opening service fees, you may give a spare key to your home to a friendly and reliable neighbour, for example. If you have lost your flat key(s), you must report it to the customer service of your regional office as soon as possible.

If your keys are lost forever, the cost of renewing the keys varies depending on the lock type. The newest electronic lock systems employ a system that can delete a single key instead of serialising the entire lock system. In older lock systems, this will not be possible and the entire lock system of the flat must be serialised again.

The lock system will be serialised or the individual key deleted from the system when the resident moves out, at the latest. These operations will be invoiced to the resident moving out.

This question was answered by team supervisor Katja Väisänen from Heka eastern office.