What should I do if I can’t pay my rent on time?

Changing situations in life may tip your finances out of balance. If you have trouble paying rent, contact the regional office well in advance to resolve the situation.

The rent for Heka flats is always due on the 4th of each month. If you still haven’t paid rent on the 21st, you will be sent a reminder with a collection charge (five euros). If you are unable to pay your rent after receiving the reminder, you should contact Heka lease control and state when you expect to be able to pay the rent or make a payment agreement with the Heka lease secretary for paying the rent in instalments.

If rent is overdue for a longer time, you will receive a reminder and a letter explaining that the lessor is going to start legal collection.

You should contact Heka lease control or a housing consultant now, at the latest, to pay the rent or draft a payment plan to avoid the start of the legal collection.

You have the option to map your financial situation in more detail with the housing consultant. The consultant may help you to determine whether you are entitled to allowances or benefits paid by Kela and resolve other issues with housing and paying rent.

If a resident does not pay rent or adhere to their payment agreement, legal collection will be started, meaning that the lessor will take the matter to the district court to obtain a verdict based on which the lease may be cancelled and the resident evicted.

If you have trouble paying rent, contact your regional office, which will provide you with lease control or lease secretary contact details. You can find the contact details for your regional office on the bulletin in the stairwell of your building and on our website. 

The answer was provided by lease control team supervisor Mia Tissari from Heka northeastern office.