Heka solutions: How do I terminate my rental agreement?

If your rental agreement is valid until further notice, it needs to be terminated in writing. The easiest way of doing this is by Heka’s form for a notice of termination, but a notice delivered via email is also valid.

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Once Heka has received the notice of termination, the customer service will confirm that the notice was received. The notice period is a month from the last day of the month when the notice was submitted. For example, if the notice of termination is sent to Heka on 15 June, the notice period will start on 30 June and the rental agreement will end on 31 July.

If the rental agreement has been signed by multiple people and you wish to terminate the agreement for everyone, each signatory has to terminate the agreement separately. If you are terminating the rental agreement for the whole apartment, the related agreements (such as a parking space or sauna reservation) will also end, and all residents of the apartment will be removed from the register of occupants once the agreement has ended.

If the agreement involves spouses as main tenants, one spouse can terminate the agreement for themselves, but this will usually require consent from the spouse who will continue the agreement. If only one main tenant terminates the agreement and they also wish to terminate the agreement for a parking space or sauna reservation, the latter agreements need to be terminated separately. If other residents are moving out with the person terminating the agreement, a notice of moving out must be submitted for these persons.

You can view your rental agreement, terminate agreements and submit a notice of moving out easily via the Heka Resident Portal.

The answer was provided by Ville Sipponen, legal counsel intern at Heka.