Heka solutions: How do I order extra keys to my home?

When you move to a Heka home, you receive a specific number of keys depending on the size of the dwelling. You can order additional keys if you need them. It is recommended that you order an extra key if you need it for longer-term use, e.g. for a personal assistant or carer. 

You will need to pay the keys you have ordered yourself. 

Please order extra keys from the customer service in writing, either via Heka’s Resident Portal, by email, or by visiting your local customer service office. Extra keys cannot be ordered by phone.   

Making copies of the keys is only allowed via Heka. If you make a copy of the key to replace a lost key, for example, Heka will be entitled to order a rekeying when you move out. You will be charged for the rekeying.  

The delivery time of extra keys ranges from a few days to two weeks. If you need the keys urgently, you can place an express order for an extra fee. When they keys are ready, you will a receive a notification from the customer service office. Depending on your regional office, you can either book an appointment for picking up the keys from the customer service office or pick the keys up from the locksmith.  

When you move out, you need to return all keys to Heka. Please return the keys when the rental agreement is terminated, either on the day of moving out or the next business day, according to the instructions you have received. If you do not return the keys by the date agreed on, Heka will order a rekeying and charge you for it.  

Please take good care of your keys. If a key is lost, damaged or stolen, please inform Heka immediately. 

The answer was provided by Margit Hilden, Team Manager from Heka southeastern office.