Heka solutions: How do I get a parking space from Heka?

Heka tenants have the opportunity to rent and use a building-specific parking space if there are spaces vacant. The parking spaces may be in parking areas in the yard of the building, separate car parks, garages or indoor car parks.

You can enquire about parking space vacancies at your regional office. A written agreement is made for renting a parking space. The price of the parking space depends on the area and the type of space. Heka uses three pricing zones, the prices of which you can see on Heka’s website. The fee for the parking space is usually paid monthly with the rent.

Some Heka locations have car spaces that are intended for charging electric or hybrid cars. If you need or will soon need a charging point for your electric vehicle, please contact the customer service desk of your regional Heka office. We will review whether there are available charging points in your location or whether a new charging point can be installed.

Heka’s parking spaces and indoor car parks are intended for motor vehicles in regular use. You can also store items related to the use of motor vehicles in the garage. The use of the garage for other purposes is prohibited. We do not recommend storing flammable liquids and gases in the garage, except for the fuel in the vehicle’s fuel tank.

Read more at: https://www.hekaoy.fi/en/instructions-tenants/living/parking


The question was answered by Customer Relations Coordinator Ninni Liljeblad from Heka.