All real estate electricity purchased by Heka now generated using renewable energy sources

Heka buys approximately 70,000 megawatt hours of real estate electricity a year.  Heka’s electricity procurement was tendered this year, and the EU level tendering process was won by Helen Oy. 

Photos by Aleksi Poutanen

Since September 2020, all of the real estate electricity purchased by Heka has been generated exclusively using renewable energy sources. This decision will help Heka achieve the goals set in the Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan, as the transition to electricity generated using renewable energy sources will decrease the carbon dioxide emissions of Heka operations by about a thousand tonnes a year.

Heka’s annual total costs of real estate energy were about €11.4 million last year. This sum includes both the electricity and the electricity distribution costs.  Heka strives to get a fixed price for at least a year ahead for its electricity procurements. This way, the costs of real estate electricity can be predicted and no sudden increases occur, for example due to weather-related price spikes. Thanks to the tendering process, the costs of Heka’s real estate procurement may decrease, even quite significantly, depending on the market price situation. The agreement signed with Helen Oy covers all the approximately 500 Heka locations.

Real estate electricity is used for purposes such as yard and stairwell lighting, car heating poles and the shared sauna and laundry room facilities. This tendering process of real estate electricity does not affect the tenant’s own electricity agreements; each tenant will still procure the electricity they need in their home from a supplier of their choice.