Heka solutions: How do I use the gas cooker in my home?

Many Heka housing locations have kitchens equipped with a gas cooker where both the stove and the oven are gas-operated. The apartments may have gas cookers of various models, but they are all operated the same way.

Photos by iStockphoto

If you would like to start using the gas cooker, press the control knob of the burner of your choice and turn it to the maximum. After this, light the flame and hold the button for about 10 seconds to stabilise the flame.

Some gas cookers feature a separate igniter, whereas other models have an integrated electric igniter.

If you want to study the operating instructions for your gas cooker in more detail, you can search for them on the website of the manufacturer, importer or seller, using the cooker’s model. You can find your cooker’s model number either on the edge of the oven door, the storage drawer below the oven or the side or back of the cooker.

The gas cooker is safe to use. The burners have safeguards with thermocouples: if the flame goes out for any reason, the gas supply from the burner in question will stop in a moment.

The price of the gas needed for the gas cooker is included in the apartment rent. Southeastern Heka buildings, for example, use biogas from the gas supplier Suomen Kaasuenergia Oy.

Please note that only authorised gas technicians are allowed to carry out installations and repairs on gas cookers. Also keep in mind that you must never use the burners without a pan or pot placed on them and never to heat the home.


The question was answered by Building Automation Supervisor Ari Hiltunen from Heka’s southeastern offices.