Get your storage compartment in order!

When your things are in a organised and neat storage compartment, finding them is quick and easy.

Written by Ida Ijäs

You can start organising your storage compartment by decluttering it. Recycle any rubbish and broken items, and sell or donate usable but unneeded items. While decluttering, it may be necessary to think about which things you truly need to keep. If you have had a pair of skis lying about in the storage compartment for years, it is unlikely you will go skiing on them in the coming years, either.

Organise the storage compartment so that the things you use the most are at the front and easily accessible, while those you need less often are at the back. Do not stuff the compartment so full that you cannot find what you are looking for. Try to find a place for each item: that way, putting them back in storage after use will be easier, and the compartment will stay neat. Slip your seasonal clothes into garment covers so that they do not pick up odours or uninvited textile pests. Could you fit a clothes rack into the storage compartment, so that you could hang up the garment covers neatly?

It is not advisable to store moisture-sensitive items in unheated storage facilities. You can avoid potential water damage to your items by placing the items at least 10 cm above the floor, for example.

Heka advises that you do not store flammable liquids or gases in the storage facilities. Only one set of car tyres can be stored in the storage compartment.
Air and clean the items you take out of storage carefully before taking them to your living quarters. You can get out some persistent odours by freezing the items or using baking soda or vinegar on them.

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