5 tips for decorating a home with pets and keeping it clean

We asked experts five tips for decorating a home with pets. The most important thing to remember is that a pet is a member of the family. 

Photos by Sami Heiskanen

1. Surfaces that are easy to maintain

Dark and single-colour rugs, sofas and decorative cushions are the most challenging – pet hairs are the most visible on them.

It is worthwhile choosing furniture and textiles with surfaces that are easy to clean. Cleaning is easier if your rugs are machine-washable. Also pay attention to the furniture and textiles being safe for pets. For example, rugs stay in place when pets romp about the home when you put anti-slip mats under them.

The pets’ feeding area stays clean when you use a protector or mat under the food and water bowls.

2. Sharpening claws and tipping things over

Pick rug materials that do not tempt cats to sharpen their claws on them. Have several scratching posts available for the cat at home so that it does not scratch at the wrong places.

Cats like to tip over small objects to play with, so you should put your valuable or fragile items in a glass cabinet, for example.

3. Something interesting to gnaw at

Hide any cords and shoes! In addition to shoes, cats and dogs sometimes also gnaw at the cords and cables of computers or phones, for example. Dogs sometimes gnaw at walls, floors, skirting boards and furniture, in addition to smaller objects.

Cats will sometimes taste the plants at home, so placing the plants somewhere the cat cannot access them is recommended: such as baskets hanging from the ceiling.

4. Places to rest and hide in

You should offer various hiding places for cats. Remember to keep the toilet seat lid closed if you have kitten in the family, so that it does not jump into the toilet!

Place the pet’s bed in a place that the pet likes. However, cats tend to sleep wherever they please.

5. Clean regularly

Regular cleaning keeps a home with pets clean and pleasant. Normal cleaning supplies are sufficient for tidying the home. A vacuum cleaner is a necessary appliance for removing hairs, or litter tracked across the floor of the entrance hall.


The most important thing to remember is that a pet is a member of the family. Pets, like other tenants, always leave some kinds of marks on the home. As a pet owner, you will be liable for the damage caused by the pet to the home.

Tips were provided by President of Kissaliitto Veikko Saarela and Head of Department of the Finnish Kennel Club Kirsi Salmijärvi.