How to keep your floor in good condition

You should keep your floor clean since rubbish, dirt and sand will wear on their surface. Some floor materials are more durable than others, but they are usually cleaned the same way, regardless of material.

Written by Jaana Kalliokoski Photos by iStockphoto

Keeping the floor clean takes only a little effort. For example, you can place a doormat at the entrance so that everyone stepping in can clean their shoes. You should take off your shoes when at home and leave the shoes in the entrance hall. You should wipe any spilled liquids and other stains off right away. Sometimes, cleaning agents may be necessary.

Rugs protect the floors from wear. Put the rugs in places where the floor sees the most wear. Put felt pads under furniture feet and do not drag furniture on the floor. Clean the castors and wheels of chairs and toys regularly. Rearrange rugs and furniture every now and then. This way, the floor will wear and change colour evenly.

Vacuum the floors regularly. All floor materials can be swept with a damp mop. On a wooden or laminate floor, use a cloth or mop that has been wrung as dry as possible. Tile, stone and plastic withstand a wet mop better. Use cleaning agents sparingly. Mild all-purpose cleaner is generally suitable for all floor materials. When cleaning a laminate floor, avoid soap-based cleaning agents as they may leave a grey film on the floor.

The ceramic bathroom tiles and the joints between them need proper washing with water every now and then. Use a highly alkaline cleaning agent and a brush. If the joints are stained, you can scrub them with a joint brush. Dry the bathroom floor after washing it.

Floor materials can be protected with wax or other care and protection agents. These prevent dirt and make the floor look better. Different chemicals are suitable for different materials. Please read the label to see which materials the chemical is for.