Heka solutions: When will the winter gritting of yard areas start?

The point at which winter gritting is started is determined by the weather. The gritting season usually begins at the same time as snow removal. However, gritting can also be started sooner if necessitated by the weather.

While the aim is to carry out snow removal and gritting as quickly as possible, property maintenance operatives may not always get to every building early in the morning. Gritting is carried out using a building maintenance machine, by hand or using a pushed grit spreader.

If the yard of your building is looking slippery, keep in mind that there are grit containers in the yards of most buildings that residents can use to grit slippery spots.

Gritting responsibilities vary by area. In the inner city, the City is responsible for clearing snow from the roads and gritting them, while property owners are responsible for the streets belonging to the properties. In suburban areas, the City is also responsible for the streets.

Heka’s wish is that residents will report any slipperiness or e.g. snow and ice hanging from eaves by submitting a defect notification.

Caution is advised when moving in yard areas in winter. Even if yards are gritted, the ground can still be slippery underfoot. Because of this, you should always wear appropriate footwear and slow your pace in winter, even when walking short distances.

The question was answered by Property Manager Reijo Nurmela from the Heka Western Office.