New Heka location at Pyhätunturintie 2 brings metallic lustre to Mellunmäki

The impressive aluminium facade and glazed balconies of Pyhätunturintie 2 give a taste of what Mellunmäki will look like in the future after its renewal.

Written by Petja Partanen Photos by Roope Permanto

Sari Koukku, the project manager of Heka’s new location on Pyhätunturintie, is in the final stretch of her work on the project. The tenants will soon be able to move into the building.

“The greatest thing about these buildings is their architecture,” Sari Koukku states.

The renowned architect firm has gone all out under the leadership of architect Rainer Mahlamäki, who worked as the head designer. The project manager and contractor were responsible for realising the architect’s vision.

7-kerroksisen talon yläkerran asunnoista on hienot näkymät.
The view is great from the apartments on the top floor of the seven-storey building.

The first element to draw the attention of people walking towards the buildings along Mellunmäentie is the cubic balconies projecting from the brick facade. The facades of the low-rise apartment building and the upper storeys of the long apartment building on the side facing the courtyard are made of aluminium sheet brushed in different directions.

“This creates a fun and lively facade,” Koukku says.

Behind the buildings’ magnificent facade are more than 100 new Heka homes, ranging from nifty one-room apartments to family apartments with a floor area of 100 square metres.

Building that stands out

This impressive Heka location really stands out from the other buildings in the vibrant neighbourhood of Mellunmäki, which is evident when walking along the 600-metre-long route to Mellunmäki metro station. The area already houses a total of 11 Heka locations. Built in the 1980s and 1990s, these buildings are now getting more neighbours.

“This is an evolving area that is rapidly being developed with complementary construction,” Koukku says.

Autot ovat suojassa pihakannen alla, pihassa on tilat leikkiin ja oleiluun.
Cars are kept safe underground, and the yard has facilities for play and spending time.

The renewal is sped up by the fact that the current excellent transport connections will be improved further in the coming years. In 2028, it will probably be possible to travel from Mellunmäki directly to the airport by tram, and the 560 bus line that passes by Pyhätunturintie will also be replaced by a tramway in the future. Even now, there are daycare centres, stores, a playground and a school nearby. The services will only get better in the next few years.

“The area will become denser as more apartments are built along the new public transport connections,” Koukku says.

Lähes kaikki kolmikerroksisen pienkerrostalon asunnot ovat kaksikerroksisia.
Almost all apartments of the three-storey low-rise building have two floors.


Active living all year long

More than 3,000 applications were received for the new apartments on Pyhätunturintie. The next Heka locations to be built in Mellunmäki are already being designed for the neighbouring street, Saariseläntie.

The Pyhätunturintie location features all the fine features of a new building, such as glazed balconies in all apartments and a parking hall built under the yard. The seven-storey building includes a great number of one-room and two-room apartments, and the club rooms and shared saunas for the tenants are located at street level. They have direct access to the yard. The three-storey low-rise building houses the large family apartments of the Pyhätunturintie location and Heka’s maintenance rooms. They allow maintenance visits to be carried out smoothly.

Kaikissa Pyhätunturintie 2:n asunnoissa on lasitettu parveke.
All apartments of Pyhätunturintie 2 have a glazed balcony.

The location is also situated near nature and the services of Kivikko sports park, which range from disc golf to ski tracks. The needs of transport modes have also been taken into account at the Pyhätunturintie location. Cars and motorcycles are kept safe in a hall, and there are bicycle parking facilities in the yard that allow bicycles to be locked by their frame.


Pyhätunturintie 2

  • Construction started in spring 2019, the location will be completed by 31 August 2021.
  • A seven-storey apartment building and a three-storey low-rise apartment building. A total of 107 apartments and two commercial premises.
  • All apartments have a glazed balcony.
  • 49 parking spaces (two in the yard, 47 in the parking hall), four motorcycle parking spaces, and a total of 216 bicycle parking spots in the yard, parking hall and sports equipment storage spaces.
  • Shared facilities: laundry room, drying rooms, apartment-specific storage lockers, storage spaces for prams and sports equipment, club room, two shared saunas.
  • Maintenance and building management: Heka eastern office
  • The apartments’ average rent per square metre is €13.38/m2/month.