Take part in joint efforts to save energy

Saving electricity and heat has been a hot topic lately, but together we can do more than just talk. Affecting the consumption of energy in Heka’s more than 50,000 apartments is a significant way to take part in the joint savings efforts. 

Written by Juha-Pekka Honkanen Photos by Joonas Kavasto

Heka is participating in the nationwide Down a Degree campaign. The objective is to make practically every Finnish household save energy and help even out consumption spikes. 

The reasons are tangible: Without these measures, we may run out of electricity during the winter, resulting in long-term power outages throughout the country. Saving energy is about safeguarding the functioning of society as a whole. 

Down a Degree means more than just lowering apartment temperatures by one degree. It also means filling washing machines more efficiently, heating saunas less frequently and spending less time showering. It’s about increasing smartness by a degree! 

Here is how we do it

Heka participates 

  • We encourage our residents to save energy. 
  • In addition to their everyday work tasks, our staff observe where energy could be saved and brainstorm new ways to save energy.  
  • Good efficiency means savings: we check the operation of exhaust air heat pumps, ventilation heat recovery systems and solar power plants in all buildings. 
  • We are not wasting heat, are we? We check the ventilation system of every building and adjust its efficiency during different times of the day. 
  • We are expediting the process of replacing all the lights in building yards and public facilities with LED lights. All the lights will be replaced with LEDs by 2025 at the latest. 
  • The target temperature in Heka apartments has been 21 degrees. We will lower this temperature by one degree. 
  • We will go through the temperatures of the basement and storage facilities of buildings. We will set 17 degrees as their target temperature.  
  • If necessary, we will condense sauna reservations, and the temperature of the saunas will be lowered to 70 degrees. 

You can take part 

  • Shorten your shower times; conserve hot water. If you have your own sauna, only have short sessions. 
  • Do not cover radiators and thermostats, as doing so prevents them from functioning. 
  • Air out your apartment quickly with cross ventilation; do not leave windows open. 
  • Report any defects that waste energy. 
  • Turn off all unnecessary lights and electrical appliances. Unplug all unnecessary power cords. 
  • Avoid using electrical appliances during peak hours. The peak electricity consumption hours in the entire country are 8:00–10:00 and 16:00–18:00. 

Feeling cold? 

If your apartment is considerably cool, please submit a defect notification

A feeling of draught can be caused by worn-out sealing on windows or the balcony door, not the decrease in the target temperature. If any seals are in need of replacement, please submit a defect notification. 

Power outages may occur – read these tips and keep your peace of mind 

It is possible that during the winter, power outages lasting no more than two hours will be implemented in turns in different areas in order to ensure that Finland will not run out of electricity. Any anticipated power outages will be announced in advance. 

  • How will you be able to hear the news? With a battery-operated radio. You can also acquire a chargeable power bank for mobile phones. 
  • What will you eat? Stock up on foods that can be eaten without  heating, as well as water and other beverages. If necessary,  stock up on pet food as well.  
  • Avoid opening your fridge and freezer in order to keep the products fresh longer. A few-hour power outage will not be enough to thaw foods in the freezer. 
  • A headlamp or a flashlight is a more fire-safe source of light than candles. Be sure to acquire backup batteries as well.  
  • Turn the power switches of all electrical appliances to the ‘off’ position to prevent the appliances from causing a fire hazard when the power comes back on. Remember these: the stove, the sauna heater, the coffee maker, the clothes iron, the dishwasher and the washing machine. 
  • You may be able to get water from the tap, but do not use the drains or the toilet, as sewer systems do not work normally during power outages. 
  • Keep cash in your wallet, as payment cards may not work. 

You can find comprehensive preparation instructions at 72tuntia.fi.  

Read more instructions in case of a power outage.