Heka’s environmental programme aims for housing that is better for the environment

The construction and maintenance of properties and housing generate greenhouse gas emissions and have other adverse environmental impacts. Heka will be working to reduce these impacts in the next few years by means of energy efficiency, renewable energy and circular economy in particular. We are also investing in environmental responsibility in procurements and communication about environmental matters. 

Photos by Roope Permanto

One key tool in the environmental efforts is Heka’s environmental programme, which was updated at the turn of the year, and its long-term objectives to reduce the environmental impacts of housing. Here are some examples of the objectives set out in the environmental programme:

  • We are committed to the Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan.
  • We will improve the energy efficiency of our properties by 7.5 per cent between 2017 and 2025.
  • Throughout an EU-funded project, our target in extensive renovations is to improve the energy efficiency of the location being renovated by up to 40 per cent.
  • We will increase the proportion of renewable energy used and generated.
  • The consumption of domestic water at our locations will decrease by at least one per cent per year.
  • The degree of waste sorting will be improved and the proportion accounted for by mixed waste of the total amount of waste will decrease year by year.
  • Environmental and social responsibility will be highlighted in our procurements.
  • We will develop new incentives for promoting environmental efforts and challenge our tenants to take environmental actions in their everyday life.
  • Each of our locations will have one or more eco experts.
  • We will share information about the results of our environmental efforts through concrete examples.

Signs of the environmental programme’s measures can be seen in many of Heka’s buildings. During the previous environmental programme, we improved the functionality of the properties’ waste collection points and expanded the collection of plastic packaging to almost all our locations, among other things. Solar power plants have already been installed in some of our buildings, and any locations that will be constructed or renovated in the future will be fitted with a solar power plant whenever it is technically possible. By 2025, we will replace all lights in our outdoor and common facilities with LED lights. In addition to the environment, the tenants will also benefit, as many of the environmental programme’s measures support tenant satisfaction and save in the properties’ maintenance costs.