Task worthy of trust

Heka’s economic and administrative supervisor monitors the implementation of tenant democracy and the Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings. This year, Tuomas Anttila was appointed as the new supervisor.

Written by Pi Mäkilä Photos by Sami Heiskanen

The economic and administrative supervisor appointed by the Heka Tenant Advisory Board monitors and inspects the management of Heka’s finances and administration. Pirjo Salo, who held the post for eight years and lives in Mellunmäki, describes the task as interesting and fruitful.

“As the supervisor, I am something like an auditor on behalf of the tenants.”

For Salo, such a role came quite naturally as she was familiar with inspecting similar documents in her work as an accountant.

“This post has given me a lot, and I have even made new friends through it,” says Salo.


Pirjo Salo was succeeded as the Heka-level supervisor by Tuomas Anttila, a resident of Pikku-Huopalahti, at the beginning of this year.

“I have previously been a board member of several associations and a parish council, among others,” says Anttila, who has a day job as a teacher at a lower secondary school.

Anttila is fascinated by his new position of trust.

“As a supervisor, I am authorised to look at the management and accounting of the company and investigate matters, if asked to do so by tenants.”

Anttila hopes that the activities related to tenant democracy would involve more young people, parents and people with a multicultural background.

“The more experienced members are always happy to help,” he encourages new participants.

Supervision at a local level

Each Heka area also has its own area-level supervisor who monitors and inspects the finances and administration of the sites in their area.

“For example, I check if the renting of parking spaces and the execution of garden service agreements comply with the decisions of the building committees,” says the area supervisor of Heka’s eastern office,” Auli Rantanen from Mellunmäki.

In addition to this, a tenant meeting may choose a supervisor for their own building.