The rules of conduct were updated through cooperation

How can we ensure good relationships between neighbours, safety and general comfort? With rules of conduct, of course – and we will have new ones soon.

Written by Anne Ventelä

Can I feed birds in the yard? I wonder if it’s OK to bring my dog to the laundry room.

In everyday life, we often face situations that also affect the comfort and safety of our neighbours. To maintain both comfort and safety, Heka has prepared rules of conduct.

“The rules ensure that living at a Heka location is peaceful and safe for everyone. This is why everyone needs to adhere to them,” says Jorma Dahl, Heka tenant and member of the Tenant Advisory Board.

Heka’s rules of conduct will be updated at the beginning of 2022.

The most significant change to the rules is related to smoking.

“The rules are being updated because the legislation on tobacco is also becoming stricter,” says Kirsi Ikonen, coordinator of tenant committees.

Updating the rules of conduct was a long-term process that was carried out together with the tenants. The proposal was circulated for commenting, during which the tenants had a chance to express their views. Rules concerning smoking stirred a lot of discussion, Dahl mentions.

“However, Heka’s rules of conduct cannot be in conflict with the law or the City’s rules of conduct. When everyone follow the same rules, living and working together is easier.”

The new rules of conduct will be translated into multiple languages so that they are as accessible as possible.

Some minor specifications and linguistic revisions were also made to the rules. Many of them are based on the tenants’ statement, Ikonen says.

The rules concerning smoking, for example, also apply to Heka employees.

“We are all committed to the same rules together,” Ikonen states.

Get to know Heka's Rules of Conduct from 1 January 2022.