Propose a Resident of the Year

If you know a Heka tenant who spreads around good neighbourly and community spirit and promotes tenants’ best interests, you can now nominate them as the Resident of the Year. The nominated tenant can be from your own building, your region or someone from the wider Heka tenant community.

In addition to the Resident of the Year honorary title, the tenant will be rewarded with a three-course dinner at a restaurant for two.

The representatives of the Tenant Advisory Board and Heka will together choose the Resident of the Year from among all the nominees. The winner of the Resident of the Year honorary will be published during the Tenant Advisory Board’s Tenant’s Day in March 2021. 

You can nominate a Resident of the Year until 31 January 2021 through the Tenant Advisory Board’s website.

Five sets of film tickets (two tickets per set) will be awarded at random among those who have nominated a resident and have left their contact information.