Meet the building safety coordinator

Tenho Kellokangas, who was appointed Heka’s new building safety coordinator, hopes to see more activity in the name of collective safety.

Written by Anne Ventelä Photos by Vilja Harala

Tenho Kellokangas has a long history of taking care of collective matters. He has lived at Heka for over 30 years and been a member of a building committee for over a decade. Over the years, he has been both the secretary and vice-chair of the committee.

“I want to make a difference, I suppose that’s a calling of some kind. Back when I was working, my job involved occupational safety.”

For the last five years, Kellokangas has led the safety team for Heka Northeast. These teams survey the housing locations’ safety in cooperation with the regional office, the local property maintenance operative, and, often, the members of the building committee. Any defects are logged into a report which is then delivered to both the person in charge of building safety at the regional office and the building committee.

Housing safety is everyone’s concern.

When Kellokangas was asked to become a building safety coordinator in winter 2021, he accepted.

The building safety coordinator participates in the development of housing safety in cooperation with Heka. In practice, Kellokangas acts as the liaison between the building safety teams and Heka and is a member of the building safety working group, which prepares training sessions and events on building safety. The coordinator may also organise regional training sessions and instruct new building safety teams in starting their operations.

One of Kellokangas’s goals is to encourage tenants to join the building safety activities and form building safety teams for the areas that do not yet have them.

“It’s wonderful that we can work together to make things safer.”

Housing safety

  • The aim is for every housing location to appoint a person who is responsible for building safety.
  • The teams consisting of these persons participate in developing housing safety regionally.
  • The building safety coordinator is a liaison between the teams and Heka.