An app for all residents

Heka is developing an interactive application that will make access to information easier and support residents’ activities.

Written by Anne Ventelä Photos by Sami Heiskanen

When will we be doing voluntary yard work? Who is in charge of the club room? How can I contact the building committee?

Soon, you can find the answers to all of these questions from an easy-to-use mobile application, the working title of which is ADA (asukastoiminnan digitaalinen alusta, a digital platform for resident activities).

The app will be an interactive tool for Heka, the residents’ representative bodies and all residents to communicate with each other. Through the app, you can find information about your building’s current topics, start votes on shared matters, and provide suggestions for improvement. It will also be merged with the Ekoekspertti app that encourages a sustainable lifestyle among the residents.

The app is being developed together with the residents. The residents have worked in small groups digitally to develop the app’s content and features. One of the residents who participated in the development group was Anita Leppänen, who has been chairing various building committees for almost 20 years.

Development happens with the tenants

In autumn 2021, Anita received an email saying that the app developers are looking for residents to join the process. Anita, who works in IT support, was thrilled to join.

“I hope the app will be as clear and easy to use as possible for an ordinary resident. That way, they can easily use it to access information.”

The development has also involved other non-profit rental housing operators. The development work has received ARA (Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland) funding, and the app has an open source code, which allows other operators to use and modify the app for their own needs, says project coordinator Nina Korppas.