We operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner. The principles of our way of operating guide us to do the right thing and form the basis for our shared modes of operation.

We operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner. We follow the principles of our way of operating, which are based on Heka’s values, strategy and responsibility programme, the City of Helsinki’s ethical principles (in Finnish) and laws and regulations.

The principles of our way of operating guide us to do the right thing and form the basis for our shared modes of operation. At the centre of it all are people, society, the environment and the economy. The twelve principles indicate how we treat each other, our customers and other stakeholders, carry out our work and do our business.

The principles apply to all of us: the management, supervisors and employees. The principles serve as guidelines for our co-operation partners as well.

We are a responsible operator 

We ensure that all of our operations are responsible and appear so as well. 

We follow laws and regulations 

We follow laws and regulations, as well as the principles of good leadership and good administrative practice. 

We are a responsible employer 

We value the members of our work community. 

We provide our employees with opportunities to receive training, develop and advance in their careers.

We promote equality and non-discrimination. We do not permit any discrimination, inappropriate treatment, bullying, racism or sexual harassment. We adhere to our equality and non-discrimination plans, our occupational safety and health action plans and other rules of the work community. 

We avoid conflicts of interest 

Employees are only allowed to use their position or influence to pursue Heka’s interests. Their decisions must not be based on personal relations or pressuring. 

We do not permit bribery or corruption 

We stand against corruption of all kinds 

All forms of bribery are prohibited: we do not give or accept bribes, gifts or illegal payments. Bribes and gifts include items such as gift vouchers and gifts of goods, excluding low-value promotional items (e.g. a pen or canvas bag) and low-value gifts from customers for shared use (e.g. flowers or a box of chocolates). At Christmas, we not accept any gifts and return them to their givers.

We do not condone participation in or assistance with money laundering.

We do not receive, request, accept or offer any benefits that exceed reasonable hospitality (€20) and the purpose of which is to influence decision-making or that could damage Heka’s reputation or trust. 

Receiving benefits of any kind is not acceptable in the preparation and agreement negotiation phases of procurement processes. 

Participating in an event (e.g. a seminar) held by a co-operation partner or other party is possible on a case-to-case basis with the regional manager’s or managing director’s permission.

Participating in a trip or cruise paid for by a co-operation partner or other party is prohibited.

These policies apply to both working and leisure time. 

We combat the black economy  

We promote healthy competition and the operating capabilities of businesses that take care of their obligations responsibly. We comply with occupational, tax and accounting legislation, the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability and other laws and collective agreements.

We require that all of our agreement partners and other operators in the contract chain do the same. 

We follow the City of Helsinki’s instructions for preventing the black economy (in Finnish). 

Our stakeholder co-operation is honest 

Our key stakeholders are our customers, employees, owner and funders, as well as our co-operation partners. 

We require that our co-operation partners comply not only with laws and regulations, but also with good business practice with us. Good business practice means fulfilling societal obligations, engaging in fair competition, preventing corruption, respecting the regulations of the International Labour Organization (ILO), respecting human rights and operating in an environmentally responsible manner. 

We are in a service role in all of our operations, and customers are our most important stakeholders  

We treat our customers in an appreciative manner. We also hope that our customers treat us in an appreciative manner in turn. 

We comply with the Act on Residential Leases and the Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings. In debt collection, we comply with the Debt Collection Act and good debt collection practice. 

Our operations are sustainable and we take environmental perspectives into account  

We take environmental perspectives into account in our everyday practices. Our responsibility programme forms the basis for taking environmental perspectives into account.  

We promote sustainable construction and housing  

Our operations comply with the Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan (in Finnish). We are involved in the VAETS Energy Efficiency Agreements. 

We respect the protection of privacy and process personal information confidentially 

We respect the privacy and personal information of our current, former and future customers, employees and co-operation partners. 

We process all personal information confidentially. When processing personal information, we comply with laws and regulations concerning privacy protection, as well as Heka’s own internal privacy protection and information security instructions. 

We emphasise openness in our communications  

We keep our customers, the media and our stakeholders up to date on our services and decision-making.