From 24 November 2020, our customer service points will only serve customers by appointment. Our services will continue to be comprehensively provided via telephone on weekdays and online channels during normal service hours. 

Our telephone service is open as follows:

  • Monday–Friday at 9–15 
  • the first and last weekday of the month at 9–16.

Our office is located in the immediate vicinity of Herttoniemi metro station. The entrance to the Opus 3 building is located on the Hitsaajankatu side.

Customer service contact information

Customer service telephone number
tel. 09 5767 3600
E-mail address
Street address
Hitsaajankatu 20, Opus 3
Postal code
Exceptional opening hours



Submit a defect notification

Submit a non-urgent defect notification

Please submit any urgent defect notifications by phone to the defect notification number of your location within office hours: 09 5767 3600.


On-call service

Emergency calls regarding urgent matters in the evenings and at night time: 09 5767 3700.

Other contact information

Bank details

Payment information for tenants

The necessary payment information is always listed on the invoice of the payment in question. Please note that door opening fees and fees for the statements necessary for exchanging apartments are paid into a different account to that used for rent.

The rent payment account numbers:


IBAN FI98 8000 1100 5876 75


IBAN FI76 8000 1700 5143 50


IBAN FI26 8000 1571 3376 34


IBAN FI7180001071373410

Laundry room reservations

The following locations use an online laundry room reservation system: Alakiventie 5, Alakiventie 8, Hallainvuorentie 1, Kukkaniityntie 25, Lallukankuja 1, Mamsellimyllynkatu 25, Myllypurontie 22, Porttitie 9, Ryynimyllynkatu 2, Virtarannankatu 3-5, Vuokkinimenkatu 11, Yläkiventie 2, Yläkiventie 4, Yläkiventie 5, Yläkiventie 8. 

Laundry room reservations for Gunillantie 16 and Koirasaarentie 33 and 36.

The rug washing room at Reiherintie 7 can be reserved via the office.