Heka’s As Oy apartments are one- and two-bedroom apartments that are located in housing companies in different parts of Helsinki. Heka owns approximately 1,650 As Oy apartments in total, the majority of which are leased out to the City of Helsinki’s Social Services and Health Care Division. The number of Heka housing company apartments in regular rental use is approximately 500–650.

Heka is not responsible for the property management or maintenance and cleaning services of these apartments, as these services are arranged by the housing company that the apartment is part of. 

These apartment used to be owned by Helsingin Asuntohankinta Oy Ab. 

The instructions on this page apply only to persons living in Heka’s As Oy -apartments as of 1 October 2022. The instructions do not apply to the tenants of regular Heka rental apartments. 

A welcome letter sent to As Oy -apartments.


Contact information of Heka’s customer service for As Oy apartments

Email address: asiakaspalvelu.asoyasunnot@hekaoy.fi  

Customer service telephone number +358 (0)9 5767 4000 

The telephone service is open Monday–Friday at 9:00–11:00  

Customer service office: Viipurinkatu 2, 00510 Helsinki 

Heka’s customer service point only serves customers by appointment. Please make an appointment by phone or email. 

Customer service and telephone service are closed on Friday, June 2.


Moving to a Heka's As Oy-apartment 

Make an appointment for a viewing of the apartment with Heka’s customer service department for housing company apartments. After accepting the apartment offered, make an appointment to sign the rental agreement via the customer service department. Agree on the moving day and the pick-up of the keys in advance. Pick up the keys to the apartment from the customer service office on the day you move in 

Parking space reservations, keys to parking spaces, sauna time slot reservations and notifications of moving are handled by the housing company’s property management office. 

Housing-related services that are not included in the rent are paid for separately by their user. 


Submitting defect notifications  

Submit defect notifications according to the instructions provided with the table of responsibilities. 

Table of responsibilities

Please notify Heka of any defects in your apartment without delay. The maintenance and repair of the indoor facilities of apartments are the responsibility of Heka. 

Submit defect notifications concerning your apartment to Heka. You can submit defect notifications concerning your apartment via email to asiakaspalvelu.asoyasunnot@hekaoy.fi or by phone, tel. +358 (0)9 57674000.  

In urgent matters, please contact the housing company’s on-duty service, the contact details of which you can find on your building’s noticeboard. 

If you notice a defect on the property outside of your apartment, you should contact the housing company’s maintenance company first. 


Rules of conduct 

Please follow the rules of conduct of the housing company that your apartment is part of. 


Moving out of a Heka housing company apartment 

You can terminate your rental agreement by submitting a notice of termination to the customer service department via email to asiakaspalvelu.asoyasunnot@hekaoy.fi, by post or personally at the customer service office. 

A notice of termination

Return the keys to the apartment to Heka’s As Oy -apartments customer service office.  

Return any other keys according to the housing company’s instructions. If you have a reserved sauna time slot or parking space, please cancel them according to the housing company’s instructions. The aforementioned matters are usually handled by the housing company’s property management office or building maintenance company.